WordPress 2.3.1

Вчера, 26 Октомври, излезе най-новата версия на WordPress2.3.1.

Какво ново (и важно) в нея:

  • Improvements to the email address extraction in wp-mail.php (#5169).
  • An improvement to the link manager to ensure that only user with the manage_links capability can access the page (#4627).
  • A security fix to ensure that edit-post-rows.php cannot be directly loaded to prevent XSS attacks when register_globals is enabled ([6258]).
  • Groupings in the SQL queries used during upgrade to remove errors on duplicate entries in the old post2cat and link2cat tables (#5223).
  • The Sender is set on emails to help on hosts that limit which email addresses can send (#5007).
  • Fixes to category assignment during link import from OPML (#5107)
  • Manifest file for Windows Live Writer so as to enable tagging support (#5023).
  • Performance improvements for the Taxonomy intersection queries (#5137).
  • Exclusion of the post previews from canonicalisation (#5203)
  • Improvements to the handling of the main query to ensure it is saved when calling wp() (#5121).
  • Fix the in-line uploader so that send to editor works with a blank title (#5080).
  • Removal of the case-sensitivity on host names of wp_safe_redirect() (#5114).
  • Changes to the load order in the javascript loader to ensure that Prototype is loaded before jQuery (#5067).
  • Enforcement of the same sanitisation rules for pages as for posts (#5135)

За пълен списък на промените посетете http://trac.wordpress.org/log/branches/2.3.

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